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Privacy policy

Relais Vélo Laurentides agrees to respect the privacy of the information shared or obtained by means of our website.  As part of our privacy policy, we define how information obtained is used and how the user may also limit the use of information provided.

Through our website, we ask that personal information including name and e-mail address be provided.  This information is supplied to us on a voluntary basis by our clients and by completing a form on our website.  The information obtained is used only to accelerate the booking process and answer any questions our clients may have and also enabling us to contact them.

Our client’s web navigators provide us with their IP addresses helping us identify the different pages visited on our site thus enabling us to improve our web site making it more user friendly and a more enjoyable experience for all our clients and future clients.

Information obtained is never shared with a third party as we have no contracts or agreements with any advertising agency concerning the use of personal information.

By means of Relais Vélo, certain links may be suggested.  We ask our clients to please take the time to read each link's own policies carefully.

Relais Vélo Laurentides reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time to modulate it according to our user's information and needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments at 1-877-278-4928